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Interview Video Tape & Structured Process Recordings : Each student is required to videotape an interview session with a “client”.  Each tape will be reviewed and graded by the instructor and or peer review.  This assignment is meant to provide  an additional opportunity to practice interviewing skills, provide an opportunity for self observation and evaluation.  At least three recordings are required.  All three should be on one client and should reflect  stages of the problem-solving process.   Process Recording includes everything that takes place in an interview session using an “I said/ he said” format.   Along with your  content of the interview there should be included the student’s subjective, gut level reactions, your knowledge based on some thoretical frame work and finally an analysis of what  produced the gut level feelings in the first  place.  Through the use of four columns, the process  recording provides students with the opportunity to describe the content of the interaction, to identify their emotional state at the time of the interaction, list  the  professional intervention techniques used, then finally explain it  in the last column using some theoretical framework.   They learn to evaluate and perfect their own practice interventions, to explore their intimate, often hidden emotions and to uncover their personal motivations.  Use outline from Recording Guidelines for Social Work”.


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