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Three Way Conference

Three Way Conferences

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to follow through with these instructions as I have written them.  I am hopeful that each of you will take the time to follow the directions that are given.  Thank you!!

Be sure to read the following:


The Director of Field Instruction visit to the agency is arranged in advance.  At the visit the Director of Field Instruction may  review  selected case recordings provided by the student.  Included in the  student’s recordings are:  process recording, case summaries and/or agency progress notes.  The identity  of the client should be protected during the review of recordings. The student’s overall performance is discussed with the Field Supervisor goals to enhance student learning are identified.

The Director of Field Instruction advises, consults with, and acts as an advocate in all academic matters for students in field practicum placements.  Students are expected to play a very active role in their field practicum experience.

Download, print and place a copy in you personal notebook.

Submit required documentation as per course calendar.

Midterm Three-Way Conference Handouts

Three Way Conference(s): These are conferences involving the student, Agency Field Instructor, and Director of Field Instruction.  These meetings provide a formal opportunity for concerned parties, particularly students to engage in oral communication in a professsional arena, to discuss knowledge and skill levels of the student  at the middle and end of the placement where evaluations  are made of the student’s progress, strengths and weaknesses and their ability to use supervision appropriately.   As such, the student is provided with feed back that he or she can use to increase their level of self  awareness  and learn to evaluate their own practice more objectively.  From their participation  in these conferences students are provided with yet another occasion to experience  the processs of supervision in Social Work.  As in all internship activities, the student’s performance during these conferences will be assessed and graded.

Three Way Conference (Site Visit)

Below are topics that should be covered during the site visit and should be reflected in your agenda.

1.     Give specific examples of activities completed from the Learning Contract that demonstrate competence in the learning outcomes.  In reviewing your Learning Contract, which tasks have been completed?  Which remain?

2.     Discuss the diversity of the clients with whom you have worked (may include age range, gender, sexual orientation, cultural practice, racial group, member of a subculture group, problem areas, rural/urban, family forms, disabilities, etc.).

3.     Discuss the client situation that you found, personally, to be most challenging.

4.     Discuss a community resource you have learned about since starting your placement.

5.     Discuss which theories you have implemented with your clients and how these theories impacted your assessment and/or intervention with clients (e.g. crisis intervention, strengths approach, systems theory, ecological approach, sociobehavioral theory, psychosocial approach, brief treatment).

6.     How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your practice with clients?

7.     Related to your placement, what do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?  What plan do you have to work on identified weaknesses?

8.     Have your supervisor comment on your progress toward the learning objectives and your targeted areas for growth.

9.     You may also want to include the following types of issues that have been examined in supervision:

a.     Your ability to develop rapport with clients.

b.     Your level of interviewing and communication skills.

c.     Your level of professionalism and how you are perceived by other staff.

d.     Your documented skills.

e.     Your use of supervision time and preparedness for supervision.

f.      Your strengths/weaknesses related to your performance in the agency.

Self-review Preassessment

Please address the following questions and submit as a one page paper as part of your Educationally Based Recording Memo:

1. What have I learned?

2. What are my successes?

3. What were my setbacks?

4. Where and when do the problem(s) occur?  Is there a pattern?

5. What does it add up to?

6. What do I need to do more of?

7.   What do I need to do differently?

8.   How will I know when I achieve my goals?


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