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Student Insurance

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Liability Insurance

Each student intern is required to purchase malpractice liability insurance while engaged in field practice in the placement setting. Students are expected to purchase the $1 million/$1 million coverage option .Those  students placed in health care facilities are expected to purchase $1 million/$3 million. Purchase of this insurance is NOT optional and is a requirement of the Department of Social Work. Students are not permitted to begin field placement without malpractice  insurance. Forms and additional information can be downloaded from the website.

The NASW Assurance Services plan provides protection for most “wrongful acts” in social work malpractice, such as:

Treatment without proper consent
Incorrect treatment /improper diagnosis
Failure to consult with or refer a client to a specialist
Failure to prevent a client’s suicide
Causing a client’s suicide
Failure to protect third parties from harm
Inappropriate release/detainment of a client in a hospital, confinement
Sexual involvement with clients or other sexual misconduct (subject to reduced limits)
Breach of confidentiality
False imprisonment
Failure to provide adequate care for clients in residential settings
Failure to be available when needed
Termination of treatment
Improper child placement


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May 20, 2010 at 10:20 am

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