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What is Social Work

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Social Work means the application of methods, principles and techniques of case work, group work,  community organization, administration, planning, consultation and  research to assist persons, groups or  communities to enhance or restore their ability to function physically, socially and economically.

The student intern must be able to demonstrate at basic practitioner level the ability to assist persons, groups, agencies, organizations, or communities to enhance or restore their ability to function physically, socially and economically by the application of methods, principles and techniques of:

Casework) both direct treatment, with an individual or several individuals, and intervention in the situation on the clients behalf with the objective of meeting the clients needs, helping the client deal with the problems with which he is confronted, strengthening the clients capacity to function productively, lessening his distress, and enhancing his opportunities and capacities for fulfillment.

Casework management and supportive services: assessment of presenting problems and perceived needs, referral services, policy interpretations, data gathering, planning, advocacy, and coordination of services

(Group work) helping people, in the realization of their potential for social functioning, through group experiences in which the members are involved with common concerns and in which there is agreement about the groupÕs purpose, function, and structure.

(Social work community organization) the process of social interaction and the method of social work concerned with meeting broad needs and bring about and maintaining adjustment between needs and resources in a community or other areas; healing people to deal more effectively with their problems and objectives by helping them develop, strengthen and maintain qualities of participation, self-direction and cooperation; and bringing about changes in community and group relationships and in the distribution of decision-making power. The community that is the primary client may be an organization, neighborhood, city, county, state or national entity.

(Social work administration) the practice that is concerned primarily with translating laws, technical knowledge and administrative rulings into organizational goals and operational policies to guide organizational behavior; designing organizational structure and procedures or processes through which social work goals can be achieved; and securing resources in the form of material, staff, clients and societal legitimization necessary for goal attainment and organizational survival.

(Social work planning) specifying future objectives, evaluating the means for achieving them, including identifying appropriate resources, and making deliberate choices about appropriate courses of action in order to enhance social well being.

(Social work client-centered advocacy) the service in which the social worker functions on behalf of individual clients, groups, or other entities including but not limited to social work and governmental agencies, and specific issues related to those organizations. The purpose of client centered advocacy is to bring about or influence change to improve the quality of life, enhance empowerment and assure the basic rights of the entity or individual being served by the social worker.

(Social work research) The formal organization and the methodology of data collection and the analysis and evaluation of data.


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April 7, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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