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Ethical and Value Dilemma Essays Senior Social Work Interns

Their Ethical Principles Screen consists of seven ethical principles rank ordered from most to least important value. The reader is referred to Chapter Three in Loewenberg and Dolgoff’s Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice for an in-depth discussion regarding each ethical principle. The principles are as follows:

Ethical Principle 1Principle of the protection of life

Ethical Principle 2Principle of equality and inequality

Ethical Principle 3Principle of autonomy and freedom

Ethical Principle 4Principle of least harm

Ethical Principle 5Principle of quality of life

Ethical Principle 6Principle of privacy and confidentiality

Ethical Principle 7Principle of truthfulness and full disclosure (1996)

If a dilemma arises during an intervention, the social worker identifies the ethical principles defining the dilemma.The social worker must compare the ethical principles and decide which principle is of higher value according to the Ethical Principles Screen.The social worker selects the highest valued principle in resolving the ethical dilemma.

Value Dilemma Essays:  Students will write 6 page essays on some contemporary ethical issue in order to explore their personal and professional values. Topics for the papers will take the form of questions and will include the word “should “.  For example: Should there be Gays in the Military?  Should the pregnant women who come to your clinic who use drugs be turned over to the police?  Why or Why not?


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