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2015 Spring Junior Internship

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Spring 2015 Application for Junior Internship

The Field Application is available online at

CourseSites™ by Blackboard®. This is an online platform for organizing and securely sharing course materials, online lectures, discussion and other learning activities. To access my course on CourseSites go to your browser and enter the following URL:

Once you arrive you will need to request a registration code by clicking on the button indicated. This will allow you to setup an account using either aCourseSites ID and password or sign-up an existing account form popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and MSN.

The Field Application, Orientation and Boot Camp Assignments will be graded on a Pass Fail Basis and count towards the seminar and internship grade 364/365 or 464/465. Student who receive a Fail grade on any assignment will not be allowed to begin their field placement .

Make sure you study the materials and conform to all of the instructions provided.  If you are not willing and able to follow written instructions, then you are not probably ready to begin your senior level internship and you should consult with your academic advisor for alternative options for the  semester.

Students may complete the boot camp assignments on their own – but students may turn in any or all of the assignments early, but no later than the posted deadline.  Working on your  own means that you should set up and or have a place to study uninterrupted for a full work day period of time. Social work students are expected to manage their time wisely.  High achieving students will most likely complete the assignments in advance.

The  application for field  and a personal interview with the Director of Field Instruction will be used to select a field agency that is appropriate for your development of social work practice, knowledge, skills, and values. It is extremely important that you complete each section of this form.Just remember and keep in mind that nothing is final until you are formally admitted to the social work major.

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